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Lakes Area Magazine is the #1 source for great deals in the Alexandria area.


Lakes Area Magazine is Alexandria's premier publication for businesses to take advantage of coupon advertising with call to action offers and display ads. Lakes Area Magazine is disbursed 5 times a year to 17,000 residents each distribution throughout the Alexandria area by direct mail.

The first issue of Lakes Area Magazine was published in Alexandria in November of 2005 and has been running strong ever since continuously adding new businesses and developing new and upcoming ways for those businesses to reach their target markets.



Jim Palmer


Lakes Area Magazine is owned the published by Jim Palmer. Jim has been a reporter, photographer, editor, publisher and business owner over the last 24 years.

He currently owns and operates Palmer Creations, a print and design shop, and also publishes the Senior Perspective newspaper, the Old Times newspaper and Definitive Woman Magazine.


Linda Hoffmann

Advertising Sales

Amy is the Sales Associate for the Lakes Area Magazine. Coupon placement and display ads are a great way to be consistent with your brand, product offerings and contact info. Discount offers are a great way to reward your loyal customers.


Call Linda to schedule a
visit about placement for
your business.

Lynn Barton

Senior Graphic Designer

Lynn is the visual communicator, creative 

designer and problem-solving artist. Making a good first impression is vital, that's why developing an eye catching 

image is essential. Her 

talented eye for typography, photography, and illustration can bring your marketing

strategy to life.

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